sexta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2013


AT THE HARBOUR ( Michael Dunford/ Betty Thatcher)

Out the daybreak to the sun
Seas are drifting glass
The tides were turning into the storm
Winds were moving fast
Women waiting at the harbour
Silent stand around
Weather storms another day
For men the sea had found
Fishermen were laying nets
The barrels spread the bait
The seagulls warningg echoed round
Winds that wouldn't wait
People gathered at the harbour
Waiting for the tide
Eyes are closed against the spray
And tears they cannot hide
Hulls were creaking crashing sails
Rains were slating down
The oilskins flapping, decks awash
Slanting turning round
Thunder roaring at the harbour
Women drawn in fear
Huddle up to wait the time
And pray the sky will clear
Howling winds and the raging waves
Cracked upon the boats
And torn from safety, torn from life
Men with little hope
Ghostly echoes at the harbour
Whispering of death
Women weeping holding hands
Of those they still have left
Shadows falling at the harbour
Women stand around
Weather storms another way
For men the sea have drowned

Saveiros (Nelson Motta)

Nem bem a noite terminou
Vão os saveiros para o mar
Levam no dia que amanhece
As mesmas esperanças
Do dia que passou
Quantos partiram de manhã
Quem sabe quantos vão voltar
Só quando o sol descansar
E se os ventos deixarem
Os barcos vão chegar
Quantas histórias pra contar
Em cada vela que aparece
Um canto de alegria
De quem venceu o mar

   Faça a comparação entre as duas letras, que têm o mesmo tema.  

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